Academy Highlights


Acceptance into national and international ballet schools

Royal Ballet School

English National Ballet School 

Munich International Ballet School 

Royal Ballet School of Antwerp 

Ballet Theatre Basel 

Australian Ballet School 

Queensland Ballet School 

Alberta Ballet School 


Summer school/short term placement

Royal Ballet School 

Paris Opera Ballet School 

San Francisco Ballet School 

Houston Ballet School 

Academie Princess Grace 

John Cranko School of Stuttgart Ballet

Dutch National Ballet School

Berlin State Ballet School

Alberta Ballet School


Australian Ballet School Scholarship Success

Bravo to our exquisite academy students Hana Nonaka Aillon & Milana Gould who were selected to perform at the finals of the Australian Ballet School Scholarship in Melbourne, only 12 dancers were awarded this honour. Milana was the recipient of The Dance Forma Award, which was a scholarship  to attend the Australian Ballet Summer School, Hana was also awarded a discretionary award. 


Alberta Ballet School Success

Bravo to our elegant academy A student Madeleine Powell who has been offered a scholarship to attend the summer intensive at the Alberta Ballet School in Canada. In addition to this wonderful opportunity Madeleine was also awarded a significant scholarship to attend their full time school. 


Royal Ballet School

Congratulations to our beautiful academy A student Milana Gould who has been accepted to train full-time with the Royal Ballet School in London. 


English National Ballet School Scholarship

Congratulations to our stunning academy student Maya Nye who was awarded a full 3 year scholarship to the English National Ballet School in London.


Jaqueline Morland Awards - RAD competition

Congratulations to our beautiful students who competed at the Jacqueline Morland Awards. 

Finalist & Award Recepient 

Level 2 - Alicia Wong


Level 5 - Milana Gould (youngest finalist)

Level 4 - Amelia Kratz & Annika Cassin

Level 2 - Emily Sprout

Honourable Mention

Level 5 - Hana Nonaka Aillon 

level 3 - Madeleine Powell 

Previous year... 


Level 1 - Winner Emily Sprout

Level 3 - Encouragement Award Amelia Kratz

Level 5 - Finalist Hana Nonaka- Aillon


Outstanding BPAC Results

Over the past 3 years Hana Nonaka Aillon has achieved remarkable success! 


Awarded ballet runner-up and recipient of the Allison Dickie Memorial Award. 


Awarded ballet runner-up and recipient of the Allison Dickie Memorial Award. 


Contemporary scholarship winner and finalist in the ballet scholarship.


Brisbane Performing Arts Challenge Success

Congratulations to Emily Sprout who was awarded runner-up in the pre-intermediate ballet scholarship at the Brisbane Performing Arts Challenge. Congratulations to Alicia Wong who was also a finalist in the ballet & contemporary scholarships.


Bloch Artiste

Bravo! Congratulations to our delightful academy student Harry  Baker-Johnston who has been selected to become an offical representative of the worldwide dancewear brand Bloch. 


Academy B Overall Excellence

Congratulations to our exquisite academy b students for such outstanding results at the Brisbane Dance Eisteddfod. 

Alicia Woods

Most promising junior classical dancer

Overall excellence junior performer

Emily Sprout

Most promising intermediate classical dancer

Harry Baker-Johnston 

Most promising junior lyrical dancer


Queensland Ballet Junior Associate Program

Bravo to our beautiful students who have been selected into the Queensland Ballet Junior Associate Program. 

Alicia Wong

Emily Sprout 

Sofie Johnson 

Annika Cassin 

Amelia Kratz

Madeleine Powell 

Milana Gould 

Helena Blackberry


Australian Institute of Classical Dance

Bravo Alicia Wong winner of the junior classical section. 


The Brisbane International Contemporary Dance Prix

Outstanding results by our Academy A student Emily Wickins, selected as a finalist at the Brisbane International Contemporary Dance Prix.